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During a visit in Australia in 2003 Rebecca Bonaparte decided to start training as a jeweller. The idea had been there for a long time and now the opportunity was right there. What was supposed to be a four month long stay ended up lasting for three years and upon returning to Sweden with two years of training in fine jewellery making up her sleeve she attended the Goldsmithing school of Mjölby finishing her training.

That's where it all started and the love for jewellery making is still there.
In 2012 she started her company Rebecca Bonaparte, the surname a little tribute to her grandmother, where she designs and by hand creates all her jewellery in her Stockholm work shop.

She finds a lot of inspiration from her surroundings, lately there has been a lot of mountains in mind.
The combination of traditional craftsmanship and fashion is in focus.
Her favourite materials are silver and gold combined with beautiful gems like Rose Quartz and silver mist diamonds amongst others.

We are a environmentally conscious company that tries to take as good care of the planet as possible. Therefor we only use work with recycled metals or Fair Trade metals. Fair Trade stones are also available up on request.

Welcome to our world of jewellery!